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I am a professional business and technical writer with over 15 years of writing and editing experience. For most of that time, I have been a contractor. I change jobs and employers every 6-24 months. As a result, I am constantly tuning and refining my own resume in preparation for finding my next gig. Let me use my experience to help you tone, tighten and target your resume.

Facing the “Oh Crap” Moment

Most people don’t think about updating their resumes until something drastic happens — a new job opportunity appears or their current job suddenly ends. At the very moment you need to act fast and put your best foot forward, you realize your resume is dusty, cobwebby, missing years of experience, and may be no longer relevant to your career path. Then the niggling terrors of the blank page creep in.

  • What are hiring managers looking for these days?
  • What’s going to get me an interview?
  • Does this sound hokey? Too dated? Too boring?
  • How many pages should my resume be? Is it too long? Too short?
  • How can I convince a hiring manager I’m qualified for something I haven’t done before?
  • What are other people putting in their resumes?

The simple answer is that there is no silver bullet, especially in the employers’ market that we’ve been in for the last several years. The best that you can do is put together a clean, targeted resume that demonstrates your understanding of and interest in the job that you are applying for.

Providing a Fresh Pair of Eyes

Here’s where I can be of assistance to you. I provide a fresh pair of eyes and a sounding board to talk through how you want to present yourself. We’ll look at the description of the job that you’re applying for, analyze the requirements, and identify key words and concepts for you to highlight in your resume. We’ll also work together to refine the raw materials in your resume – what you’ve done, what you’ve accomplished, what you’ve learned – until we arrive at a resume that portrays the best you have to offer.

“I’m a Coach, Not a Magician, Jim!”

Disclaimer: I am NOT a career counselor, HR insider, spin doctor, or a marketeer. I can help you make what you’ve got look good, but the rest is up to you!

Let’s be clear. This is a coaching relationship. That means that I’ll be pushing back on you to provide the raw materials for your resume, in your own voice and vocabulary. I can help you organize and refine the content, but I can’t write it for you. If you are hoping to drop off your moldy old resume like last week’s laundry and have it come back to you miraculously polished and primed, I am not the girl for you. But, if you’re interested in working together to get your resume in fighting shape, get up to speed on the latest resume trends, and come out with a document that you can be proud of, I’m at your service.

Interested? Excellent!
The Editing Services page goes over the specific services that I provide. The Getting Started page provides instructions for how to contact me. Read on!!